Introduction to Gutenberg, the new WordPress Editor

Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor

Sometime in April 2018, the next major WordPress core software update (version 5.0) will be released and, with it, its new editor: Gutenberg.

So, when you next change the content of a page or blog post, or create a new one, where you were used to see a light grey screen with a title and a big content box with a Tools menu, you will see instead a white screen with, apparently, a lot less options.

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Gutenberg is on its way

Gutenberg Press

Gutenberg is the new WordPress Editor, currently being built and tested as a plugin. It is expected to be integrated into WordPress core at version 5.0, with an estimated release date of April 2018.

These last few months, there has been a lot of talk in the WordPress-sphere about the new Editor and, unfortunately, not all of it is very positive. Whilst some people fear that it will create a big learning curve for the end user, others are anxious about the effect it will have on their plugins or themes, and some even resent it as the imposition of an unnecessary change.

Even though all these concerns have a basis, I truly believe we should focus on the bigger picture and embrace the improvements in user experience Gutenberg will bring.

Here's why:

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