Radical Inclusion panel discussion

Last Tuesday I attended the Radical Inclusion panel discussion, hosted online by Women Who Code. The panelists were Jessica Rafuse from Microsoft, Caterina Paun from Portland State University, and Amy Carney, a Digital Accessibility Specialist.

The conversation evolved around disability inclusion in the workplace, allyship, and the accessibility of the digital tools and platforms that people need to use to do their jobs.

There were so many gold nuggets during the panel discussion it’s quite difficult to pick what to highlight from it.

Perhaps what comes to mind first is the little things that we can all do every day, like making sure the emails we sent and the tools we use are accessible.

Also the reminder that we must be mindful that not all disabilities are visible and everyone’s right to choose whether to disclose or not must be respected.

From a more business-level perspective, there are 2 changes coming up in the European Union that are expected to have a big influence in the rest of the world: the EU Accessibility Act and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

Oh, and do you know where the idea of the blurred background on video calls comes from?

But you can make your mind up about what the best bits of the conversation were as the recording is available on LinkedIn!