Public Speaking

I am available for speaking at meetups or conferences on topics relating to software development, continuous learning, inclusion, or returning to tech.

The slides for some of my previous presentations can be found in Slideshare.

Past talks


  • “Make it easy for all users”, 9 Nov. 2023 for the ScotRUG meetup.
  • You learn something every day“, 13 Sept. 2023 for the FreeAgent conference.
  • A ninja, a hacker, and a coder walk into a bar…“, 27 Feb. 2023 for the Women Who Code Edinburgh meetup.


  • Accessibility gauntlet” co-authored and delivered with Sara O’Connor, 13 Sept. 2022 for the FreeAgent conference.


  • What are Coding Standards and why should you bother“, 4 Nov. 2019 for the WordCamp Edinburgh conference.
  • Change and Continuous Learning“, 4 Sept. 2019 for CodeClan Glasgow.
  • Gutenberg editor. What’s new, what’s coming“, 27 May 2019 for the WordPress Glasgow meetup.


  • Own your journey“, 5 Oct. 2018 for the WordCamp London conference.
  • Local Development Environment“, 8 Sept. 2018 for the WordPress Glasgow Contributor Day. Event organiser and speaker.
  • Intro to WordPress“, 27 March 2018 for the Ladies of Code Glasgow meetup.


  • How to create a WordPress child theme“, 22 Aug. 2022 for the WordPress Glasgow meetup.