The bulk of my work consists of custom-made WordPress websites and plugins with a sprinkle of several static websites and a full-stack Ruby on Rails project. All website designs are responsive and pass the WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) accessibility tests.

The full list of projects and previous IT experience can be found on my LinkedIn page. Here's a selection with a brief technical description:

Marine Planning Exchange project

Marine Planning Exchange

FULL STACK project involving:

Amazon Web Services (EC2, Route53, SES and WorkMail), Ubuntu server upgrades, Apache server installation.
MySQL database design, implementation and automatic daily backup routine.
Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, OpenStreetMaps with JSON area boundary overlays, TinyMCE integration.
SSL certificate integration. Website design and implementation. Fully responsive, optimised for Search Engine optimisation and accessible.
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David Boni, News page

David Boni News

Change layout of News page to include flexbox image grid, adapted to the existing WordPress Theme, which automatically selects the first image or video in each post.
Also created a new FooGallery extension to be used within blog posts.

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Colourstrings Hyndland website

Colourstrings Hyndland

WordPress site with child theme. It also includes two custom Classes and Frequently Asked Questions plugins.
SSL Certificate for secure access installed. Site passes the WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility test.
Documentation and content editor training included in the project.

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Vicky Shiatsu Glasgow website

Vicky Shiatsu

Static website redesign project.

Website is responsive and passes the WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) Accessibility tests with 0 errors. It also uses AMP to achieve a super fast load speed of 1.2 seconds.

Structured Data is also implemented for improved SEO and to allow it to show more organically on Google search results.

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Glasgow Antiques and Fine Arts Society

Design and implementation of static website. Fully responsive and accessible.

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Laroque Software project

Laroque Software

Website with custom-made WordPress theme with customisable page headers and content.
Responsive (Twitter Bootstrap) and accessible (WCAG 2.0 Level AA test passed)

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