How to keep up with change in tech

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Change and innovation are core in the world of tech and engineering. We’ve all heard the sound-bites, such as disruption, one of my favourites 😀 They are everywhere!

We can safely say, however, that behind every push for change there is a genuine desire to either improve what is already there, solve an existing problem or create a tool that will make life or work easier and better.

And even when the original idea is from a non-technical person, engineers and developers are very often those who make it happen. Because of this, the tech workforce is not only highly adapted to change, it is also driving it.

As a consequence:

If you work in tech and want to stay on the game, you need to learn to keep up.

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WordPress Coding Standards from the Terminal

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This article will show you how to add the tools you need to test your code against the WordPress Coding Standards from the Command Line.

A second article will be published shortly with instructions for adding them to the code editor Atom. It will also include links to the instructions for other editors.

Going by the length of the page, this process may seem like quite a big effort, but starting to follow Coding Standards has many advantages and it will be time well invested!

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What is AMP?

AMP Conference 2018, project mission

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an Open Source project started by Google in 2015 with the purpose of improving website load speeds. Its central idea is that content should take priority when serving a web page to mobile.

The speed boosts it brings are often dramatic and its usage is rapidly expanding, especially amongst news and e-commerce sites.

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