Polyglots at WordCamp London

Team work

It’s WordCamp London 2018 this weekend and, this year, I have the honour to be able to help out with the Contributor Day’s Polyglots team, instead of just participating as I had done in previous occasions.

So, in preparation, I’ve been working on a “Quick Introduction to the WordPress Polyglots Team” document that I’d like to share with you all. In it, you will find out how WordPress and its Themes and Plugins are translated, how you too can help translate and a list of useful links with further information.

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Introduction to Gutenberg, the new WordPress Editor

Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor

Sometime in April 2018, the next major WordPress core software update (version 5.0) will be released and, with it, its new editor: Gutenberg.

So, when you next change the content of a page or blog post, or create a new one, where you were used to see a light grey screen with a title and a big content box with a Tools menu, you will see instead a white screen with, apparently, a lot less options.

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Thoughts on Equality for International Women’s Day

International Women's Day march (cropped), by Molly Adams

Hey, happy International Women's Day everyone!

To be honest, most years I've let the date go by completely unnoticed. I'm not a feminist. I believe in equality and do my best to work towards inclusiveness and improving as a professional and a person.

Where feminism is reminiscent of "anti-men", equality is a more positive aim. It's an ideal we can all get behind. More importantly, it embraces all groups, not just women, and has built-in intersectionality.

But this year feels different.

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