How to embed Vimeo onto a website or blog post

As usual with my posts, these instructions have been created following a real customer question. They work for any blog or website platform, even though the accompanying images are for a WordPress website.

Go ahead, give it a go! In 5 minutes flat, you’ll have your Vimeo video embedded onto the web page. Continue reading… “How to embed Vimeo onto a website or blog post”

A sneaky peak to exciting WordPress Glasgow news…

See if you can spot us in there! 😉

Holita Community Team! This is a report of all the Meetup applications that we’ve seen work on last week (from May 20th to June 3rd). If you have questions (or see something that’s missing) let us know in the comments. Have a nice weekend! 1) 4 NEEDS VETTING Lisboa, Portugal Nagpur, Maharashtra, India Lisbon, Portugal…

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Social Media Experiment – update 1st month

What an eye opener this first month’s experiment has been! I’ve learned a huge amount not least how much I still have to learn. A humbling experience indeed.

So, a month ago I set off to improve my social media “performance” as a way to improve my online presence. To achieve this, the plan was to become more active in my current social media platforms as well as more conscious of the way I use them, without spending more than half an hour a day on them. Continue reading… “Social Media Experiment – update 1st month”